Our Story

ReefAsta is owned by Pacific Bio, an Australian organisation that’s using algae to power a different kind of business. From restoring water used in aquafarms, to creating natural plant stimulants, we use different algae to help solve world challenges around preserving water and securing food. Of particular focus is preserving and restoring Australia’s magnificent reef systems, through better management of wastewater and creating products that don’t produce harmful runoffs into the ocean.

Our ReefAsta product is proudly created in North Queensland at a facility that’s been purposely refined to harvest the highest-quality Haematococcus pluvialis (that’s a fancy way of describing a certain type of freshwater algae). Our human-grade astaxanthin is sustainably sourced and naturally derived, the way it should be.

Whilst we know algae is amazing, we also know it’s underestimated. Our mission is to bring the powerful benefits of algae to the world, and using ReefAsta, to help improve people’s health and well-being with wholesome nutrients.

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