Happy Customers

“Due to years of exposure to the Australian sun my skin was always feeling dry and old and I was even embarrassed to show my hands to my friends in Japan. Within a few weeks of taking ReefAsta I noticed considerable changes in my skin and my hair. Moisture and youthfulness returned to my face and hands and my hair was definitely feeling and looking stronger.

Thank you ReefAsta! It works for me.”

Yuko, Sydney NSW


“I have been giving ReefAsta to my father-in-law who has Alzheimer’s for the past month, and we have already seen a noticeable improvement in his memory and ability to communicate with family. We will continue the once a day dosage and let you know if the improvement continues”



“I wanted to let you know of some of the changes I have noticed since starting to take Astaxanthin on 1st August 2019.

A quick background for myself is female in mid sixties, in good health with some osteoarthritis in my hands, that would ache and swell. Since starting to take this product my skin has become stronger, and plumper and has good tone about it. I would notice it would injure easily if gardening etc. My hair, and nails also have shown great improvement, with my hairdresser commenting about ‘all this hair’. My nails are growing stronger and better condition.

My osteoarthritis has calmed down, no aches, and can clench a fist without pain. I love this product and look forward to my daily dose of 1 capsule per day. I’m sure that the longer I take this product the more benefits I will see.”

Sandi, Cairns Qld

“I have experienced amazing results with ReefAsta. I have been a MMA (Mix Martial Arts) practitioner for many years, training and holding several Kick Boxing Titles in South America. I’m now 45 years old and with ReefAsta I have unlimited energy. As well as an increase in energy & mobility I must say my mood has improve greatly because I’m not tired at all anymore and my sleeping has improved as well. Also I would like to thank you personally for your upstanding customer service and great attitude providing information about ReefAsta and your contagious passion about this science miracle product. I will surely continue purchasing and using Reefasta for the rest of my day to live a full life”



“After a double knee reconstruction due to arthritis, I still suffered lots of pain in my knees at night in bed. After just 2 weeks of taking ReefAsta the pain dissapeared. Now, I have no pain in my knees at night. It is so great to have a good sleep. I would highly recommend ReefAsta to anyone suffering joint pain.”

Dot, Albury NSW


“After much research decided to try your ReefAsta Astaxanthin to help control my recently diagnosis early stage Macular Degeneration.

It’s been 40 days since I began taking one capsule per day. Something unexpected happened. For 4 years my eye pressure in both eyes has been going up threatening glaucoma. For the last six months the pressure has crept up to 19 in the left eye, 23 in the right eye. Not good and the specialist alerted me that I was borderline requiring eye drops to control the pressure in my right eye. TODAY I had my regular check-up and the clinic and I were all shocked, both eyes had dropped 8 points. Left eye was 19 down to 11. Right eye was 23 down to 15. They even took me to a second room for to confirm the readings were correct. They were. Additionally, my eye chart reading had improved by 1 line and very close on a 2nd line.

There is only one explanation for this, I believe by adding Astaxanthin to my other supplements made the difference.”

Lorraine, Tallebudgera Hinterland, Gold Coast Qld

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