Why ReefAsta

Astaxanthin is an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and free-radical-reducing properties. It’s used globally in a range of products and applications and can influence several functions in the body – including promoting physical performance, supporting cognitive function, relieving inflammation and maintaining skin health.

ReefAsta natural astaxanthin* is proudly different from some other supplements on the shelf.

Here’s how:

  • Pure and naturally extracted – our astaxanthin is extracted from real sources of algae, as opposed to synthetically created in a lab. Studies demonstrate that naturally extracted astaxanthin is structurally different to synthetic astaxanthin, being more effective and potentially safer too.
  • Sustainably sourced – We want our products to be good for people and the planet, so our astaxanthin is sustainably sourced in a controlled environment.
  • Australian made By keeping the growth of our astaxanthin local, we have better oversight over our operations and can uphold high-quality standards.
  • Strong antioxidant properties ReefAsta™ contains pure astaxanthin which is significantly more antioxidant than Vitamin C, Vitamin E and CoQ10^.
  • Backed by science – naturally derived astaxanthin has been endorsed in a range of scientific studies and has been shown to promote health across a range of systems in the body**.
* Naturally derived astaxanthin
^ Nishida. Y., Yamashita, E., and Miki, W., (2007)
** Sergio Davinelli, D., Nielsen, M, E., Scapagnini, G., (2018)

Who can use ReefAsta astaxanthin?

  • Those wanting to support their skin health, including skin firmness, hydration and elasticity
  • People wanting to enhance and/or improve physical performance, including athletes
  • Those who wish to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and cholesterol
  • People who want to minimise the effects of free radical damage
  • People seeking to support their mental function

Why astaxanthin is superior to other antioxidants

  • Crosses blood-brain barriers
  • Penetrates the cell membrane and protects the cell’s interior structures
  • Concurrently absorbs 19 different free radicals
  • Never becomes a pro-oxidant
  • Absorbs free radicals for 2-3 times longer than other antioxidants
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